Satellite Flock Camera

With 10 new solar-powered, wireless security cameras with automated license plate readers installed at key entry and exit points to the Sugarloaf CID, we’re proud to tell criminals they won’t get away with it.

In 2019, Flock Security provided the cameras and we worked with the Gwinnett County Police Department to determine the best locations to place the cameras. Our goal is not only to catch criminals and help police solve crimes, but also to help deter crime in the area. According to the Atlanta Police Foundation, areas properly covered with cameras see crimes reduced by 30 to 50% because better evidence needed to solve crimes is available through the footage captured.

“Technological advancements are changing law enforcement and how we police,” said Gwinnett Police Department Major Chris Smith. “These new technologies are enabling large corporations, small businesses, communities, and even the everyday citizen to be more active in their own safety and protection. They can provide real-time data and information that can then be shared with Law Enforcement to make for a more collaborative effort in reducing, deterring and identifying crime.”

The cameras use advanced technology to capture a vehicle’s license plate day or night, plus the vehicle’s make, model, and color. Timestamps are also included in the recordings making it easy to spot specific vehicles.

The cameras have already proven to be a valuable asset to the community. Earlier in the year, a one-year-old girl who was the subject of a statewide Amber Alert was found safe, due in part to the Sugarloaf CID’s cameras. The vehicle in question in the Amber Alert, a white GMC with the license plate RIK1620, was spotted by one of the district’s cameras, and the footage was released to the Gwinnett County Police Department to aid in search efforts.